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Welcome to our world


Aw damn, it's a + role players
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We're a very close tight-knit RPG family and very experienced and talented RPer's. If you'd like to join us, please IM one of the mods and ask who's available these days. Thanks.

*~*The Journals*~*-
red_hot_moon33- Lars peterxwentzxx- Pete from Fallout boy
chuckies_daddy- Jordan joerocksxsohard- Joe from Fallout boy
leap_frog- Baby's journal ataris_roe- Kris Roe
ludachriss- Chris super_nikoli- The twins best friend Nick
papa_bill- Billy
st_bass_player- Paul
t__dawg- Tony
the_benj- Benji
madedad- Benji's OTHER and newest journal
singswithmicoff- Matt
op_ivy_thug- Tim
j_mann- Joel
madd_girl- Sarah
comeauthehomo- Chuck
straight_simple- David
pierrethepimp- Pierre
pierresapunk- Pierre's NEW journal
party_time18- Quinn
bert_4m_theused- Bert
nfggeetarplaya- Steve
_miah_- Jere
giglers_a_beast- Nick
mrhoppus_182- Mark
tom_182- Tom
t_landon- Travis
joshy_mad- Josh Madden
super_cyrus- Cyrus
smellthat- Ian
crazy_ian_g- Ian's other journal
doc_awbert- A COMMUNITY
thy_doc- Dr. Awbert
se_b___- Seb
ry_the_guy- Ryan Key
crackmysky- Jesse Lacey
stinco_man- Jeff
pumpkin_king336- Davey
cumb_ngitit- Joel Cumby
joelsadick- Joel C's NEW journal
_jade_puget_- Jade
bryansmuse- Bryan
xbabyxmartinx- Sarah Martin
robinmadden- Mother to the twins, Joshy and Sarah
myviolinyourass- Sean
rangelness- Josh Rangel
jimmy_jimmy18v- James Hart
dead_ender- Steve Lovato
x_maxxx_x- Max
hot_stix- LP from YellowCard
bumpkin_baby- Timothy Madden

Additional RPers-
fan__girl- Our number one fan
star_friend- A fan turned part time babysitter and merch girl
back_in_time- Ryan Key's roadie boyfriend
internal_ivy- Brian Lane
_doc_s_ Aw damn shrink
dr_wellhung- Doc S's assistant shrink
aliensrmydaddy- Zara; Child of the Blink boys
zblinkangel- ZARA'S NEW JOURNAL
chelseas_a_ho- Brandon Lovato
lovatopunk- Brandon's new journal
xxmonetxx- Joshy Madden's ex
nina_ballerina- A good at your service nanny
bella_madre- Amber. The woman Steve Lovato has a child with.
serial_dope- Asia. Lars' ex
psychobabbler10- Our new shrink. Use her. She's good.
bumpkin_daily- Bumpkin land newspaper
b_lxrpxadoption- Find a new owner or role [[Thanks Stace!]]



Assistant co-mods-

*If you need to contact one of the MOD'S, please Email them at punkixm@yahoo.com

*ATTENTION PLEASE*- The roleplayers do NOT always reflect the actual story and vice versa...

*We do not claim to own any pictures posted in this journal.

Thx to KewlLozer4ever@LJ.

A place for Aw damn RPers to bitch